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fire near the bay bridge has shut down two lanes of westbound traffic. brian flores is live to tell us when the lanes could reopen. good morning, brian. >> reporter: you said it. good thing the b.a.r.t. trains are running. traffic is moving very slowly here, west 80. as you can see there, san francisco crews dousing this big rig fire that happened at 5:45 or so. we understand the big rig caught on fire. there was some type of a flat tire. let's bring in the sergeant. tell us more about what happened. >> roughly 5:45, the gentleman driving that big rig realized he had a flat tire. he pulled to the right shoulder and exited his vehicle at that time he realized there was smoke coming from the engine department and a couple of minutes later, the vehicle was fully engulfed. >> how is the driver doing? >> the driver is fine. he got out in plenty of time. he was carrying groceries. >> reporter: in terms of traffic, i see traffic moving slowly. how long is the sig-alert gonna last and what are the alternates? >> probably four hours. it will take a lot of time to get this big rig out of here on
the fire department to come on scene to try to tell us how soon will they have this knocked down. just to kind of get the details of how this possibly could have started. we'll continue to monitor the situation and let you know as soon as we have an update. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, janine. >>> 7:05. a state-wide amber alert has been issued for two children believed to be abducted from san diego county. police say the man who took them, set fire to his house, killing the children's mother and an unidentified child. it's not clear if the suspect has both children with them or if one of them died in the fire. police say he was in a platonic relationship with the mother. the children are 16-year-old hanna anderson and ethan. both have blond hair. the suspect, identified as 40- year-old james lee dimaggio. police say he could be heading towards canada or texas. dimaggio believed to be driving a blue 2013 four-door nissan versa. here is ea photo of the car similar to the suspect's car. it's the same picture that police in southern ca
inside and why they couldn't use water to fight this fire at the beginning. >> breaking news from san francisco. gunfire in the tender loin. we have a news crew headed to the scene. >> reporter: a search for a service dog will begin in the next couple hours in san jose. you'll hear why finding him is so critical for his owner. >> plus a rash of robberies in one east bay city. the question police still have not answered. mornings on 2 begins right now. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. you are looking live at a home in hayward where firefighters discovered a pot grow inside a home. we will have more on this situation in just a few moments. good morning. welcome to mornings on 2. i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check your weather, traffic. steve, how are we looking? >> we are looking good. low clouds. gave us crazy weather this week. accelerating northward. back to school forecast, take a look at san rafael. 58. 68 mostly sunny by noon. and a high of 77. temperatures in the north bay a lot of 70s.
and walked off with cash and household items. police gave us a detailed description. one of the robbers is described as a dark complected african american man in early 30s. 6 feet tall weighing around 200 pounds. facial hair is described as unshaven. he wore a white t-shirt and blue jeans. the other man is described as hispanic male 5'9 and weighing around 150 pounds. he too wore a hard hat and vest. neighbors saw the men runaway from the home and drive away in a gold suv similar to a cadillac he is . >>> another representative will be contacting us around 8:00 possibly with an update and comment on this case. police, again, want you to look out for these suspects believed to be connected with all three robberies and if somebody approaches your door, they should give you a badge showing they are an actual utility worker and look out for utility truck which would be parked in front of the home. ktvu, channel 2 news. >> thank you. 7:04. contract talks in the bart labor dispute resume in two hours with a threat of a strike still looming. today's negotiations come one day after a special b
was used or what he did to prompt officers to open fire. but they will say officers feared for their lives. back live out here on tenny soon road in hayward, we've seen people identifying themselves as friendses and family members as officers cleared the scene and allowed them back in. the officers involved have more than five years' experience. they are considered veteran officers. they are on paid leave. it's unclear how many officers were involved and how many fired shots. the mother and two daughters were not hurt. but this investigation does continue. live in hayward, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, claudine. >>> a vallejo healthcare provider is facing elder abuse charges after the death of a 78- year-old bomb in her care. the paper reports police found the woman after doing a welfare check at her home on florida street. they say it appears she had been dead for quite some time before she was found. the individual was arrested on suspicion of elderly -- elder abuse charges. >>> these are live pictures. you are looking at the bridge. in a couple of hours from now, we'
and innovative technology will be rolled utd over the next three years and could be used districtwide if proven effective. they are looking to get rid of the traditional a-f grading system. many teachers are excited to let students know where they can excel and improve. >> the biggest thing is the reporting back to the family and the parents and the students. these components get combined into a single-letter grade. >> reporter: students will be graded on criteria specific to understanding material, clab ratting on traffic -- collaborating on tasks so definitely some outside of the box thinking here at burnett middle school. they will also try to inknow great new technology. coming up next in my next report, i will tell you about creative ways to get ipods in the classroom to use technology. we're also gonna chat with students and parents about what they think about dropping the a- f grading system. katie utehs, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. >>> teachers in palo alto are putting the finishing touches on their classrooms as students prepare to return to school tomorrow. the school district
in just a moment. good morning. thank you for joining us here on "mornings on 2." it's tuesday, august, 27th. i'm pam cook in for tori campbell today. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. >>> we're gone check weather and traffic for you. steve? >> we have pockets of thick fog. but nothing compared to yesterday when there was a lot of drizzle and low clouds went inland. hardly a breeze. temperatures will warm up after we get through some of the fog. most locations have sun. 84 in santa rosa yesterday. concord up 4 from 84. palo alto, 77. both checking in at 81. mainly 50s. look at santa rosa, 49. that's a huge difference. about 11 degrees cooler than yesterday. still some upper 50s and very low 60s but not the mid-60s that we had. 57, 74 go for a high today of 82 degrees. sunny and warmer. a lighter breeze. some patchy fog on the golden gate. overall, highs will come up. inland temperatures, a couple of low 80s to low 90s. here's sal. >>> good morning, steve. we're looking at traffic slow getting into san francisco via the bay bridge. we're gonna look at traffic also that's going to be slow app
us what is happening right now. >> reporter: good morning. crime scene tape is still blocking off the number of streets here in this union city neighborhood. you can see crime scene technicians continuing to process this scene and gather evidence. the body of one young man was removed a short timing a. according to police very few leads as they try and track down the person responsible for this double shooting that left two young men dead. someone heard gunfire early this morning, came outside and found these two men down in the street. let me show you some video from earlier this morning, just within the last half hour or so the coroner was out here and removed the body of one victim who died at the scene. the second victim was transported to the hospital but ended up dying there. the shooting was about 1:00 this morning right near 11th and d streets in union city. we spoke a short time ago with the police commander who told me at this point investigators don't have a lot to go on. they're trying to figure out what led up to this violence. >> at this point we're unsure of the mot
low which gave us the cooldown has decided to live north. it's up off seattle. 60s, 70s and 80s. morning fog, sunny, breezy. the delta breeze is stronger this morning. this little guy right there swinging into -- it looks like around cape mendocino helping to keep temperatures held in check today. by tomorrow, high pressure comes right back. 60s 70s and 80s. we've been below for a long, long time. the low cloud deck will give way to sunshine. nice, mild, warm to some. we warm it up, tuesday, wednesday. another system moves into the north, thursday, friday. warmer weather on the weekend. here's sal. >>> we're looking at traffic that's a lot more crowded in many areas around the bay as we start at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up for a 15, 20- minute delay. it could be much worse. it looks like it could be one of those days where it clears up after 8:00. this is a look at the -- pardon me, san mateo bridge, that traffic looks good heading up to the high rise with no major issues. if you are driving on the nimitz freeway nearby, traffic is busy from 238 down to union city.
up within less than a minute. >> gave us an impression of how dangerous that was. >> new zealand won the race. and italy suffered equipment problems and broke down on the course. >> they ended up postponing the second race until this afternoon. race two and three had be held today with race four moved to tomorrow. >>> winner of the challenger series faces america's cup in september. >>> they were reminded of the dangers of the sport. the member of a swedish team was killed. british sailor andrew bart simpson was a member after getting pinned in the boat. in the wake of his death, officials instituted stricter safety rules. >>> this didn't go as perfectly planned after all. the 13 story warren hall was demolished after being everybody seismically unsafe. >> it department completely fall to the ground t will be torn down during a go month long clean up. they will honor the trucker magnate for who the building was named. they placed seismographs as part of the earthquake research. in san diego engineers are preparing for the next big one by determining what is needed to keep buildings s
for us today. >> its going to be a mild one out there. even the warmest locations only into the mid80s for the afternoon. at this hour a mix of sun and clouds as we start the day. temperatures on the cool side, as we get into the afternoon similar temperatures expected from what we felt yesterday and it's going to be a nice one in most case. extended forecast only small changes, we will look at that,ly have your numbers for today coming up. >> we start with developing news. oakland police gearing up for a search this morning for a child who vanished more than a month ago. investigators say they may have new information about her possible where abouts. >> reporter: we expect authorities to start searching just about an hour from now. somewhere in this location near the college and i want to show you the scene. we are in the parking lot and you can see they are getting a command post set up. oakland police officers are here, the fbi expected to show up as well and then as you come over to the riyocan see volunteer searchers from the alameda county search and rescue. they are getting the
-morning shooting. ktvu news has obtained a picture of the child and ktvu's tara moriarty joins us live from the scene of this horrific crime where grieving family members have gathered. >> reporter: good morning. it's been a gut-wrenching morning for family members. they've lost a one father and his 1-year-old son. about 15 minutes ago, the coroner pulled up to take away the father's body. we want to show you a picture of the 1-year-old victim in this case, drew jackson. he was taken to children's hospital earlier this morning after being shot but he did not survive. police say someone crept into the backyard of the house on gormley avenue and shot little drew and his 20-year-old father while they were in the bedroom. neighbors say six to eight shots rang out just before 3:00 this morning. the father died on the scene. family members say the violence in oakland is unbearable and no mother should have to bury their baby. >> he was a jolly kid. i know everybody says that about that niece and nephew. he liked to play outside. he liked animals and he liked to play, he liked to play with his sis
. it is saturday august 31st. >> let's head right over to rosemary who is cooking up a beautiful forecast for us. hi rosemary. >>> it's going to be another nice one. not as warm in the afternoon in most cases. a little patchy fog there. low 50s to low 60s, most of us waking up to mostly sunny skies. temperatures coming down py several degrees in some cases. and cooler temperatures and the possibility of maybe a shower. it's not enough to ruin your outdoor plans. i'll have your numbers for today coming up. >> the new eastern span of the bay bridge looking great on this saturday morning. this is a live look near the toll plaza where preparation for the opening continues at this hour. caltrans will hold a news conference to update the construction work of the new span of the bay bridge. we're joined live near the toll plaza and what's happening out there. >> good morning, yes, a lot of work going on right now. it's been going on throughout the night. take a live look. this is the empty toll plaza. >> reporter: just east of the toll plaza they've had a major accomplishment overnight. they finished d
and patchy fog for us this morning. a little widespread from what we saw on friday. the temperatures will continue near the seasonal average. the extended forecast we won't see a warmup, we'll cool down a little bit. i'll have your numbers for today. we have the extended forecast coming up. >> near this morning, an oakland man is in critical condition after an early morning house fire. they tell as you father and son were living in that house. >> right alex. >> yes, there was a father and son, the elderly man, the father is badly hurt. he's at the hospital being treated right now. this man was pumped out of the home by oakland firefighters about 3:30 or so this morning. this man is in his 70s i'm told. a captain told me the man was breathing but unconscious after being trapped inside the home for some time. this is on the 10,700 block. the son was home, he managed to escape on his own. he was outside when the first crews got to the scene. he told the firefighters the father was sleeping in the back bedroom. they had to cut through security bars on a back window to reach him. >> he do
. >> the drizzle, the fogs, low clouds back with us again this morning. for the afternoon temperatures will be up just a bit. take a look. this is an example of what i expect we'll see, just one, two, maybe 3 degrees of warming overeyed over yesterday's high. >>> happening today, state officials will ask a judge for an injunction that would bar any b.a.r.t. strike or lackout for the next 60 days. this morning's hearing comes after union negotiators and b.a.r.t. management failed to reach a deal last night. this rare hearing is set to get underway in just about two hours. alex savage live where the proceeding will be held. >> reporter: this unusual court hearing gets underway two hours from now here at the civic center courthouse in san fransisco. a superior court judge will be ruling on this petition that was filed last week by governor brown asking for an injunction to essentially block any strike or lockout for the next 60 days by b.a.r.t.'s union employees. in essence the governor is asking for a cooling off period for the next two months. the judge could deny the -- he could deny the governor
from santa clara and joins us now live. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tori. this happened a couple of blocks away from the university. a lot of students live in this area. we don't know if the victim in this case was a student but it happened near main and lexington. police tell me that the university police are aware of this incident and plan on cautioning students to be careful. officers say this happened at 1:30 this morning. the woman had been out with a group of friends near a 7 slrn 1 -- with a 7/eleven and dedecided to walk -- decided to walk home alone when she was grabbed from behind. and the man told her, don't talk, don't scream, she kicked him in the groin and he ran away. she wasn't able to get a good description. there are no indications that weapons were used in this battery. the police used k-9s and a scent led them near the homestead and la fayette. but they lost the accident. police believe don't believe this is the same man suspected of raping a woman at kylie at homestead. investigators say that's because there was nothing sexual in nature in this attem
-- coming up. >>> we have new developments involving a truck carrying u.s. mail. it's causing a traffic headache. we'll find out why the lanes could soon be cleared but the damage is already done. "mornings on 2" starts now. >>> and good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." as sal just mentioned, a crash involving a truck carrying thousands of pounds of mail is slowing down drivers on 680 this morning. good morning. i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. >>> let's immediately go to sal. that mess, it looks like they are trying to move things a little bit. >> if you go back to the live picture, cars and trucks are getting through. they've moved some things out of the way. they've opened up northbound 680 at andrade road. as our camera position tilts down, you can see there are people going through. they have put absorbent down the traffic is getting by on the center divide. the truck is still not right. they have to right it before they get it out of there. southbound 680 traffic is slow because of the rubberneck es. the good news, all of the lanes that were blocked, some pe
breeze will be with us. temperatures low 60s along the coastline. low 80s for inland cities. i'll have a detailed tour of the afternoon highs and your weekend outlook coming up. >>> rose mary, good morning, san mateo bridge traffic looks good here as you see driving across the high-rise. no major problems there, and the morning commute is looking good on the golden gate bridge heading south. let's go back to the desk. >>> we are following developing news in vallejo where police will continue the search for a missing woman this morning. what police are saying about the search and the person of interest in this case. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, more people have arrived on scene this morning. the search crews are getting ready to search eugene -- again at 8:00. 30 to 40 people are expected. k-9 unit are on scene. they will likely begin the search before everybody else. dogs can sniff out the area before people walk over it. i'm told the search area is vast. they won't give me a specific area of focus, but it does include the fairgrounds, and a rural area near six flags discov
for the start of a three-day strike. ktvu's tara moriarty joins us live to tell us what led up to today's walkout that's happening right there behind you. good morning, tara. >> reporter: well, good morning. that's right. in one hour replacement workers are supposed to slow up at city hall. we're not sure if there will be a confrontation. striking workers are walking here at the picket line. now, the library is just around the corner here. we noticed that someone was trying to get in a door there, and they were not letting him in. members of local 1021 hit the picturette line after negotiations between the union and the city reached an impasse at the bargaining table. 280 workers are striking today outside of the city's animal control center, department of public works and libraries. they will do that for the next three days. workers have been without a contract since april and without a raise since 2010. they game the city. >> the problem is, they are not being truthful to us about what is in the budget. i want to be clear -- we're not here on an economic strike. we're here because the
this morning. a lot like how we started yesterday. the low clouds back with us. patchy drizzle around the bay and we are looking at an afternoon with mostly sunny skies, if the warming trend were going to carry into early next week. i will have your numbers for today. i will show you how warm i expect we will get in the extended forecast coming up. >> authorities are still trying to identity a body found during the search for a missing woman from oakland. crews were looking for sandra coke yesterday afternoon when they found the body of a woman in vacaville. she has been missing since sunday. she is an investigator with the federal defender's office in sacramento. >> we are waiting confirmation on the identity of the body and then after that the next process will be to tell the next of kin. >> oakland police identified a convicted sex offender as a person of interest in the case. coke's friends say the two dated 20 years ago and he recently reappeared in her life. >>> more details on the former alameda county prosecutor said the 56-year-old was acquitted of murder in the 80s but while awai
'll be using 430 pounds of explosives to buckle building and let gravity do the rest. >> it will be between 7 and 8 seconds. >> warren hall, you can see as we've said has been prepared. one of the things they'll be doing this morning is running through the campus multiple times to make sure nobody has snuck on campus so they're trying ton get a close look at the building this morning. again, once warren hall is brought down a new administration building will be built elsewhere on campus. the area will be left as a green space or a parking spot. we've learned new details on how the procedure will go this morning. there will be a warning signer 10 minutes before 2 minutes before and one minute before the blast. coming up in the next half- hour, we found out one of the geology cal members will do a this survey and he's on scene. we'll have a live interview coming up in a half-hour. we're live christian captain channel 2 news. >> as you heard christian talk about, scientists are on site. they're going to learn more about that hayward fault. volunteers and scientists installed seismic monitors in
with us. you are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. next week at this time, it will be closed. the new span will be less than 24 hours away from opening. we'll have more on that pending closure in moments. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm pam cook in for tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic for you. we're going first to steve paulson. >> a lot of drizzle. peninsula, san francisco, southern marin county. it's all helped along by a system kind of skirting by in the atmosphere right there. that squeezes out some of that fog and drizzle. the water temperatures are warm. 58 to 65. cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. 60 to 78. partly sunny, partly cloudy by noon. we'll have mostly sunny -- there will be a little fog. 60s 70s, and 80s. 64, san jose. livermore, 64. santa rosa, 59. san rafael, san francisco, 60. same for redwood city, concord, antioch. back-to-school forecast, alameda going back. starting off cloudy skies, 62. we'll go 65, then a high today of 70 degrees under mostly sunny skies. a lot of tropical clouds giving tremendous amounts of rain in southern
. the low which gave us wild weather this week has accelerated up to oregon. a little system which will enhance the fog tomorrow and tonight. and 52 to 62, a lot of low clouds, some sun and mostly sunny, partly cloudy skies by noon, 5 to 78 and 60 to 90. mostly sunny. most will be in the 60s 70s and 80s. 56, 57, 58, a couple low 60s toward san jose, that's about it. san francisco's high temp has been quiet this week. 67 today just because. it will be close. >>> right about average though, for this time of year. the one system moves out and another one will be in here a little bit later. but overall, it looks like a quiet pattern here. warmer inland, not a lot. the delta breeze seems to be less today than it was yesterday. that allows for 60s, 70s and 80s. here's sal. >>> steve, we have had a heck of a problem with some of these maps and commutes, i should say. i look at them as maps. northbound 101 right here. you can see all the red coming up because of an earlier crash near fully road. now that crash has been cleared, but traffic is going to be very slow. the accident was there.
. this is the final morning commute for the old eastern span. christien kafton joins us from yerba buena with more on the closure and what commuters need to know. >> reporter: we've been running the countdown clock for days now. now it's leading just about 134 hours. take a look -- 13 hours. take a look. you can see the crews staging on the new span of the eastern bridge. you can take a look at how much work has been done on the new eastern span. the lanes have been striped preparing it for the big opening. the big task to transform -- transition commuters from the old span to be new eastern span. we have some new video of this last morning commute across the 77-year-old eastern span. the bridge was smooth sailing. commuters are hoping there will be a final gift. some delays this morning about 20 minutes so far. the bridge will be shut down as crews put the final touches on that new eastern span and crews will also get to work demol inirk the old eastern span and detaching the -- demolishing the old eastern span and detaching the s-curve. some drivers are planning already. >> kind of used to it no
. they used grash grenades, searched the man but could to the find -- grash grenade -- flash grenades but could not find the mom. he was hiding with his young daughter. he was arrested. the young daughter is in the care of relatives. >>> a sit-in at city hall ended with 20 people being arrested. most of the group were city college of san francisco students. they were trying to get a meeting with mayor lee. they are hoping he would reverse a decision to withwithdraw the school's -- withdraw the school's accreditation. the mayor had them arrested. >> we didn't want to get arrested. it would have been much easier if the mayor had come with us. >>> a huge sierra wildfire outside of yosemite. it's getting bigger by the hour. it's more than doubled in size. it's burning east of groveland and highway 120 has within -- has been shut down. that's the main route connecting the bay area to yosemite. look at this dramatic video. the forest service says the fire has burned more than 15 square miles. it's 0% contained. it's threatening 25 homes. tara moriarty has new information and new video and t
. that takes us the story on another turn. his name is vade. he lives upstairs in the apartment complex. by many accounts, he does not get along with his neighbors. he started to bang on doors to get everyone out. we have video from firefighters -- you can't see the cars from behind the call walls of flames. the firefighters got the fire out in ten minutes. it started at 3:30 as the flames were dying down, vade said they took it upon themselves to take it out on him and more specifically his faith. >> my neighbor's friend or something decided they would sucker-punch me. >> reporter: they hit you? >> yes. it looks like it more than just a regular fist. >> reporter: what did you say? >> thank you very little. >> reporter: are you saying you didn't start the fire? >> of course not. why would i start a fire in my own apartment complex? >> reporter: just before 6:30, firefighters came to look at his eye one more time and deep sided that he needed to go to the tonight to get it stitched up. he told us his apartment was trashed by neighbors. we talked to many residents out here. many of them b
is lieutenant fred bobit. he's here to explain this. this is auto mall parkway. can you tell us who was going which direction? >> we understand the big rig or tractor-trailer was traveling eastbound on auto mall between technology coming up towards fremont boulevard. we believe currently right now that the big rig actually, as it was traveling eastbound jumped the center median and struck what you see is the white compact vehicle that we believe was traveling westbound. >> reporter: there was a woman in the car. witnesses say she appeared to be in her 30s or something. her head was actually out of the window and that's what saved her. that window was down or popped out? >> we will say that she was obviously transported to a local trauma center. we're hoping that she makes it. right right now we're not sure if that's how she survived. but we know she is at a trauma center right now. >> reporter: as far as the truck driver goes, it appears he only suffered a couple of scratches. >> that's correct. >> reporter: so where does the investigation go from here? how long will this section of roadway b
project. christien kafton is showing us how the commuters are going the extra mile. but we want to start off with sal cass -- sal castanedo with the commute. sal? >> let's take a look at the traffic. the closure, obviously the purple thing there, that's the closure. if you are driving to the san mateo bridge, it is very slow on 880, as it normally is, and it's slow almost all the way across the bridge out to the peninsula. it will be very slow on 101. however, it is taking the load. there are no major crashes. no major lane obstructions. you can see it's getting very slow. 101, 92. we checked in with public transportation. b.a.r.t., caltrain and muni reporting no delays right now. at 7:03. we are looking at the commute here on 80 westbound. you can see a lot of people coming down to the closure. there are no major problems but people are finding winding down to three lanes. that's why we have a lot of slow traffic. the south bay commute has been slow in some of the commute. it's not all that bad on 280 and 101. we want to go to tara moriarty who is at the area where they are doing the c
in line than us. things are -- from las vegas all the way from tahoe to truckee to reno. lake county, mendocino, maybe napa in line. slightly cooler today. yesterday, it was hot. today will be warm to hot to muggy. partly sunny, partly cloudy, possible possible -- possible showers. foggy on parts of the coast. back to school forecast, we're focusing this time on san francisco. there's pretty good gusts. three reports about 20 miles an hour. most locations are calm. that's not the case in parts of san francisco. 56, 64 we'll go for a high of 68 depending upon where you are in the city. 70 in antioch. upper 60s, 56 in san francisco. there's lot of 60s to 70s. the cloud cover streaming right off the sierra, coming back from the sacramento valley to the north bay and some lightning strikes have developed into fresno. that might develop later on. we have fog going west to east. but the high and mid-level clouds going east to west. fog, sun, clouds, very warm, muggy, humid. clouds building, possible showers and thundershowers. more likely the north bay. it's kind of a broad brush forecast
today to determine if the chemical weapons were used last week. the u.n. would recommend military action against sirah -- sir ria. the u.s. is ready to attack. but british parliament voted against it yesterday. white house officials say president obama is willing to act on his own but he faces some challenges when it comes to getting input from congress. and john kerry will talk to reporters today. i'm working on all of that for you at 8:15. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> new leaked documents from edward snowden reveal details of the cia's black budget. the washington post published details of the cia's budget it says came from snowden. the black budget is the secret portion of the federal budget that contains funding on intelligence funding and gathering. the budget also shows how the cia has been transformed into a pair of military force with control for an increasingly large fleet of drones. the top u.s. official says he will release figures every year on how many court orders are issued and how many people are targeted because of them. the director says this is part of presi
come to >> i do not want to see them strike, no. >> they need to be grateful. a lot of us are still struggling. >> the san francisco bay ferry system will have 13 boats on the water. car pooling will be another option. to ease the road congestion, they are extending car pool hours. there will be additional officers to catch violators. ktvu. >>> on the website you will find bus and ferry schedules as well as pick up locations for casual car poolers. >> you can sign up for text alerts and you will find that on at ktvu.com. if there is a strike people will be getting up earlier tomorrow to get to the work and the morning team will be up with you. if bart is on strike our show will start a half hour early tomorrow morning. join us for all the information and all the traffic updates. >>> we have some new for you in contra costa county. it happen td on macarthur avenue. you can see the flames there. one of the responding firefighters shot this video after arriving on scene. they were under control by 2:30. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >>> a man has been detained aft
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